200 NFT Node Licenses Available

Buy Node License NFT To Earn Rewards

Validator node licenses are NFTs that let you earn generous rewards for helping to secure Rogue Chain.


MINTED: 116/200

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Only 200 validator node licenses available. Price rises 0.01 ETH per day.

Only 200 NFTs Available

Rogue Pit Bosses

Your validator node license will be one of the following Rogue Pit Bosses, chosen at random at the time of minting. Your share of the network rewards earned by your node range from 30% to 100% - good luck!

Rogue Chain Validator Node License

Jackpot Jake

Your Rewards Split: 100%

Chance of Minting: 0.5%

Total minted: 1

Rogue Chain Validator Node License

Ricky Roulette

Your Rewards Split: 90%

Chance of Minting: 1%

Total minted: 1

Rogue Chain Validator Node License

Spin Master Sam

Your Rewards Split: 80%

Chance of Minting: 3.5%

Total minted: 7

Rogue Chain Validator Node License

Lucky Lou

Your Rewards Split: 70%

Chance of Minting: 7.5%

Total minted: 5

Rogue Chain Validator Node License

Joker Joe

Your Rewards Split: 60%

Chance of Minting: 12.5%

Total minted: 13

Rogue Chain Validator Node License

Rollin' Ray

Your Rewards Split: 50%

Chance of Minting: 25%

Total minted: 29

Rogue Chain Validator Node License

Diamond Dave

Your Rewards Split: 40%

Chance of Minting: 25%

Total minted: 29

Rogue Chain Validator Node License

Cash King Cole

Your Rewards Split: 30%

Chance of Minting: 25%

Total minted: 32

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Rogue Pit Boss NFT?

Each Pit Boss NFT is a node license that gives you the right to run a validator node on Rogue Chain mainnet. Validator nodes help to secure the network by independently validating transactions and verifying they are correct. Validators earn network rewards in return for this service. We expect to launch the mainnet in Q4 2024.

Where do the network rewards paid to validators come from?

Players who place bets using USDT and ARB tokens pay a 3% fee on their winning bets when playing our Rogue Trader binary options game. One third of this fee (1% of 3%) is paid out in real-time as network rewards to the validator nodes who secure the network.
In the closed testnet that is currently running, our bots are placing bets randomly on the Rogue Trader binary options game to simulate the activity of several thousand active players. The network rewards wallet automatically receives 1% of every winning bet in real-time and has made over $500,000 in the last 30 days. These network rewards get shared between the chain validators.
Click here to see the live payments of 1% of every winning bet being sent to the network rewards wallet in real-time.

Each Pit Boss NFT has a “Rewards Split” percentage - who am I sharing my rewards with?

When you run a validator node, delegators can stake tokens into it which increases your node’s weighting. A higher weighting gives your node a higher chance of being picked to validate the next set of transactions and earn a reward for doing so. Each network reward earned by your node is split between the validator and the delegators according to your node’s “Rewards Split” percentage value.

What are validators and delegators?

Validators run the node software that verifies transactions and delegators stake their tokens into the validator to earn a share of the rewards earned by that validator. The more tokens are staked into a validator node, the more chance it has of being picked to validate the next set of transactions and therefore earn a reward.

What token do delegators stake into validator nodes?

To earn a share of network rewards as a delegator you stake ROGUEPOOL tokens into the validator node(s) of your choice. ROGUEPOOL is the liquidity pool token of the ROGUE house bankroll smart contract. To get ROGUEPOOL tokens, simply deposit ROGUE tokens into the ROGUE house bankroll which will automatically and trustlessly mint and send to you a number of ROGUEPOOL tokens that represent your share of the total amount of ROGUE tokens in the bankroll. It is these ROGUEPOOL tokens that you stake into the validator node(s) of your choice to earn a share of the network rewards earned by that node.

What tokens do I earn as network rewards?

Validator node owners and delegators receive network rewards in USDT and ARB tokens in real-time as they are collected from fees on winnings.

How do I run a validator node?

We will have more technical details about how to run a node when Offchain Labs, the creator of Arbitrum Orbit technology, completes the testing phase of BOLD, a new dispute protocol that will allow permissionless validation for Arbitrum chains.
Currently, permissionless validation is not possible on Arbitrum but BOLD is expected to be ready in time for when Rogue Chain, which is built using Arbitrum technology, reaches mainnet.

How much does a Rogue Pit Boss NFT node license cost?

The current price is 0.00 ETH. The price rises by 0.01 ETH each day until all 200 NFTs have been sold.

How can I get Ether on the Arbitrum One blockchain?

If you already have Ether on the Ethereum blockchain you can easily bridge it over to the Arbitrum One blockchain using the official bridge at https://bridge.arbitrum.io. Another easy way to get Ether onto the Arbitrum blockchain is to buy Ether on a centralized exchange (CEX) and then withdraw it over the Arbitrum network into your Metamask wallet.

How do I buy a Rogue Pit Boss NFT?

Acquire some Ether in your Metamask wallet on the Arbitrum One blockchain (either via the official Arbitrum bridge or by withdrawing from a CEX over the Arbitrum network). Then go to https://roguechain.io/mint-nft and click on the Mint Now button. A popup will open, click on the Metamask button to connect your wallet to our page. Click on the Mint Now button. If nobody else beats you to it then your NFT will be minted and automatically transferred to your Metamask wallet.

What is the mechanism for assigning pit bosses randomly when a new NFT is minted?

When you click on the Mint Now button, your transaction and Ether payment will be sent to the RPB NFT minting smart contract. If the amount of Ether sent is correct and if there are any available NFTs to be minted, this will send a separate transaction to the Chainlink VRF service which will generate a random number and send it back to the RPB smart contract. This random number generated by Chainlink determines which pit boss you get. As with all EVM smart contracts, the source code is fully transparent and anyone can verify that NFT assignments are done fairly using Chainlink’s verifiable source of randomness.

What is the smart contract address of RPB?

You can see the RPB NFT smart contract on the Arbitrum One blockchain on the official Arbitrum block explorer at https://arbiscan.io/token/0xBbAC3b7F6d98fdF723b3d59615D352EC9CBdFC89.

What is the maximum supply of RPB NFTs?

The maximum supply of RPB is 200 NFTs. You can verify this by reading the getMaxSupply function in the smart contract.