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Rogue Trader

The fairest game of chance in the world. 0% house edge when betting with ROGUE tokens, and only 0.3% house edge when betting with USDT or ARB.


You retain full custody of your cryptocurrency betting balance at all times.

Zero House Edge

Bet with ROGUE tokens and play the fairest game of chance in the world.

Instant Payouts

Instant time-to-finality on transactions & instant payouts on all your bets.


We can't hold back your winnings, steal your funds or manipulate game results.

Ultra-Low Transaction Fees

The average transaction cost to place a bet is less than one hundredth of one cent.

High Performance

Rogue Chain can process and pay out thousands of bets per second.

Launching Q3 2024

Rogue Trader Public Testnet

Submit your email to claim $2,000 playtest tokens to bet with, and earn your share of our $5 million worth of ROGUE airdrop.

Playtest Airdrop
Participate in the upcoming playtest to earn your share of 5 billion ($5m) ROGUE tokens.
Place Bets
The more betting volume you do, the more ROGUE tokens you earn in the airdrop.
Refer Friends
The more betting volume your referrals do, the more ROGUE tokens you earn in the airdrop.
Be The House
The more liquidity you deposit into the house, the more ROGUE tokens you earn.


The ROGUE Token

The ROGUE Token Generation Event (TGE) takes place late summer 2024, when 100 billion ROGUE tokens will be minted on the Arbitrum One chain and 10 billion ROGUE will be sold to the public.

Native Gas Token
ROGUE is the native gas token of Rogue Chain in which all transaction fees are paid.
Staking Token
Add ROGUE into the house bankroll to get pool tokens which earn rewards.
Zero House Edge Betting Token
Players who bet with ROGUE tokens pay zero fees on their winning bets.
Governance Token
ROGUE is the governance token of the Rogue DAO which controls Rogue Chain.

ROGUE Token Distribution

Max Supply Minted Summer 2024
100 billion
Current Circulating Supply
Playtest Airdrop Allocation
5 billion
Public Token Sale Allocation
10 billion
Rogue DAO Treasury Allocation
10 billion
Locked into ROGUE House Bankroll for 3 Years
50 billion
DGTX Token 1:1 Swap Allocation
(Vested 12 Months*)
3 billion
Founding Team Allocation
(Vested 24 Months*)
22 billion

* Vested ROGUE tokens will be locked into a trustless smart contract at and released second by second over a 12 month period (vesting period is 24 months for the founding team). Your vested ROGUE tokens will be represented by an NFT that can be sold, staked or transferred. Whatever wallet holds the NFT can claim the vested ROGUE tokens as they are released.

EVM Compatible Blockchain

Built on Arbitrum

Rogue Chain is custom-built for high throughput and ultra-low costs using Arbitrum's battle tested technology. Fully EVM compatible, you can store tokens and interact with the chain using any Ethereum wallet.

Transactions per sec
Transaction finality
< 250ms
Average gas cost per bet
Gas token

Run a validator node

Become a Validator

Run a validator node to earn rewards and help secure Rogue Chain.

Buy Node License.
Validators must buy an NFT which acts as your node license.
Run Your Node.
Build and manage your node, or we can do everything for you.
Earn Rewards.
Earn rewards every time your node is selected to be validator.
Buy Node License

Earn rewards staking

Stake Pool Tokens

Add liquidity into the ROGUE house bankroll & earn rewards.

Get Pool Tokens.
Deposit your ROGUE tokens into the house bankroll to receive pool tokens.
Stake Pool Tokens.
Stake your pool tokens into the self-custodial staking smart contract.
Earn Rewards.
Earn a share of the fee charged on every USDT & ARB winning bet.
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The House Always Usually Wins

Deposit your ROGUE, USDT or ARB tokens into Rogue Chain's trustless liquidity pool smart contracts to act as the house and earn your share of fees & gambling profits.

The Rogue Protocol

A Decentralized & Peer-to-Peer Gambling Ecosystem

Our non-custodial smart contracts trustlessly pay out winning bets instantly and reward the liquidity providers, affiliate marketers, game developers, validators and stakers who power the protocol. 0.3% fees on USDT & ARB winnings are split as follows:

Liquidity Providers
Staking Rewards
Game Developer
The Rogue DAO

Fearless Minds Conquer All

The Rogue DAO is an organization dedicated to protecting your right to interact freely & anonymously with decentralized protocols and public blockchains.

Development Roadmap